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Doing Healthcare Different

How Do We Balance Conventional and Functional Medicine?


By using nutraceuticals, lifestyle plans, removing triggers and toxins and pairing our plans with your current medical treatment we cover the full spectrum of health. Each patient has a unique biological makeup which is why each treatment plan is unique. We care for you with a comprehensive approach to get your whole body well. We understand the interconnected web which is your body and treat you with whole systems approach rather than treating symptoms within one body system. We will coach you along your journey to wellness and be by your side to see you succeed. 

Beginning This Journey

crystal prof 1 desk.jpg

Our Founder has spent a 12 year career in conventional medicine caring for patients with chronic illness. When she learned about functional medicine she knew it was the missing puzzle piece to achieving optimal health.  She has found a passion for coaching and partnering with patients and has a unique perspective which helps her utilize the best of both conventional and functional medicine to help patients achieve optimal health. 

Crystal Dillett, APNP Founder of ProVita Wellness

- Certified Family Nurse Practitioner​

- Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society

- Certified Functional and Nutritional Medicine Provider

-Mold Literate Certified

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"I turned to ProVita Wellness for advice on chronic gut issues. Crystal's patience and thorough evaluation resulted in a health plan that has given relief that I've not had in years. A couple weeks into the schedule my issues are much better, I feel more energetic and as a bonus have lost 11lbs!"

Ken - GI/Cardiac patient

Hear What Our Patients Say

" Three months into my plan I've lost over 20lbs, my blood pressure is finally under control, and I have begun to reduce medications with the goal of eliminating them completely. My Gut problems are nearly resolved, and I am feeling great. Thank you Crystal for your expert guidance and for getting my systems on a normal track!" - K.W. (age 65)


Now is the time

Begin your journey to health

"Crystal takes into consideration the whole person, and listens to your concerns. She is an amazing practitioner and is extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her practice; you won't be disappointed with the care you receive."

-L.V. (Autoimmune and Weight Loss patient) 

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