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Inflammation and Immunity


Dont let chronic inflammation control your life. We use a 6 pillar approach to reduce inflammation which includes assess and optimizing nutrition, exercise, sleep, gut microbiome, emotional state and medications/supplements. When we treat the whole person we get the best results and help you feel your best.


Are you bound by chronic inflammatory conditions and pain limiting your quality of life?

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Many autoimmune conditions can be improved be eliminating the underlying trigger which caused the immune system to go array. We use specialty testing to assess specific immune markers and support the immune system with research driven diets and supplements to help the body go in the direction of health, achieving a better quality of life for you.

Functional medicine principles aim to reduce inflammation and rebalance the system so that you can feel better. Often the source of inflammation is in the diet, environmental factors, or in your gut microbiome. 


How We Help

  • partnering with you develop an anti-inflammatory diet plan

  • identify foods or toxins that have lead to inflammation

  • identify micronutrient deficiencies which are causing an agitation in the immune system

  • supplements to aid in reducing inflammation

  • exercise and collaboration with physical therapy

  • stress reduction

  • rebalance the gut

  • get you sleeping better


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