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IV and Injectable Nutrients

IV Nutrient Therapy ensures full absorption of nutrients and boosts your health


Immune Boost - $149

High Dose Vit C, B complex and Zinc to boost immune health

Inner Beauty -$169

High dose Vitamin C, Vita complex and Biotin for healthy skin, hair and nails

Glutathione- 59$

Get Up and Go
- $149


Amino Acid and Vitamin Blend for Energy and Performance 
Powerful antioxidant to achieve health and vitality from the inside out. Look and feel healthier- add on to any IV therapy

Intramuscular Injections

Weight Loss - Lipo Mino C 
-  mixture of B vitamins and nutrients to turn fat into energy and boost metabolsim

Vitamin B 12 Injection - 20$

Wellness - Tri Immune Boost
- Glutathione, Zinc and Ascorbic Acid used as a single or weekly injection for overall wellness and immune health
49$ or 10% off weekly injection packages

Custom IV Nutrient Therapy 

Formulated for your unique needs
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