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IV and Injectable Nutrients

IV Nutrient Therapy ensures full absorption of nutrients and boosts your health

Crystal Salt
Natural green vitamin nutriention iv drip therapy drug treatment use treatm

Immune Boost  $149

High Dose Vit C, B complex and Zinc to boost immune health


Get Up and GO  149$

Amino Acids and Vitamin blend for optimal energy and performance

Beauty Products

Inner Beauty  169$

High dose Vitamin C, Vita complex and Biotin for healthy skin, hair and nails

Dripping Out of Bottle

Glutathione push


Powerful antioxidant to achieve health and vitality from the inside out. Look and feel healthier- add on to any IV therapy

Intravenous Drip



- (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) restores mitochondrial health, provides building blocks for cell recovery. Useful for chronic infections or inflammation, lymes, decreases fatigue, joint pain, improves immunity, anti- aging, cell recovery  

Natural Serum


Weight Loss - Lipo Mino C -  mixture of B vitamins and nutrients to turn fat into energy and boost metabolsim30$

Vitamin B 12 Injection - 20$


Tri Immune Boost- Glutathione, Zinc and Ascorbic Acid used as a single or weekly injection for overall wellness and immune health


10% off weekly injection packages

Cocktail with Orange

Meyers Cocktail


The Gold Standard for overall wellness. Assists in immune health, anti-aging, metbaolism, headache/illness relief, fatigue, brain fog.

Magnesium, B1, B2. B3, B5, B6, B12, calcium glucinate, ascorbic acid. 


Custom IV Treatments

Many of our treatment plans involve a series of IV nutrient therapy tailored to your needs. Options are endless when an IV treatment is tailored specifically to your needs.

Starting at $119

Call or Email to Schedule IV Nutrient Therapy

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