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At ProVita Wellness we understand dysautonomia and strive to discover the reasons why all of your body systems are failing.

Postural Tachycardia Syndrome is a debilitating syndrome that causes a multitude of lifestyle limiting symptoms such as extreme fatigue, palpitations and tachycardia, passing out, symptoms involving the GI system, skin, mental fog, chronic pain, and many more.

Image by Caroline Veronez
There is a reason that your body is failing you. Let us help you investigate the cause, remove the obstacles, support your cell function and get you back to a healthier you. 
Image by Ryan Moreno

Most people with dysautonomia go years without a proper diagnoses and once diagnosed, see multiple specialty providers and get little relief from symptoms.

After the cause is identified we partner with you on plans for exercise, nutrition, supplements to support cell function and detoxification. We will treat associated conditions such as GI, inflammatory processes, imbalance of hormones, inflammatory responses, neurotransmitters and more. All systems will be addressed to get you feeling well.

We treat all body systems and appreciate the interconnected web that is your body.

We use specialty lab testing to identify the trigger of your cellular dysfunction such as:

- microbiome testing

- testing for mold/toxins

- mitochondrial testing

- micronutrient deficiency testing

- genetic testing


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