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Personalized Functional Medicine

Our patients are treated with a systems based approach. This means that we use your unique biological and historical makeup to treat all aspects of you - body, mind, emotional state.  Our initial consult is 60 minutes and involves learning all we can about you.  Through an in depth interview we learn not only about the health concerns you have today, but your personal health over your lifespan. Through investigation of your unique situation we aim to identify the root cause of your symptoms or ailments and correct them. After our initial appointment your provider will spend considerable time outside of the visit researching the best treatment approach that fits your needs. When appropriate, we use specialty lab testing which is not available in the conventional medical model. Our treatment approach involves using food as medicine, lifestyle adjustments, correction of deficiencies, detoxifying harmful accumulations, ensuring proper GI balances to restore health and vitality. We will partner with you on your journey to a healthier you.

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