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Cardiac Care

We help investigate the causes and triggers of cardiac conditions and help you remove obstacles to wellness. We will use lifestyle and natural methods and will collaborate with your specialists to achieve optimal cardiac care.


Whether you've been diagnosed with a chronic cardiac condition or want to reveal and modify risk factors, ProVita Wellness is here to support you.

Our provider at ProVita wellness has more than 12 years working with cardiology patients.

We treat each patient as an interconnected system and will assess how other body systems are effecting your cardiac health. We will assess for and correct this and help you meet your goals and possibly reduce the amount of medications you need (in collaboration with your specialists).

- Hypertension

- Palpitations

- Arrhythmias such as Atrial fibrillation

- Coronary artery disease

- Risk assessment and modification

Good Cardiac care requires a blend of conventional and functional medicine approaches. ProVita Wellness aims to identify the cause of the condition, eliminate factors that are making you worse and get you back to optimal wellness. We restore the natural protective hormones and micronutrients that many chronic cardiac medications deplete.

Since we treat with a systems-based approach you can expect whole system wellness. Our organs do not function independently but rather are part of an interconnected web. You can expect to have all aspects of your health addressed with a goal of improving cardiac conditions and systems. 


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